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Passing through Grand Central in December on our way to the Train Show, we were  pulled to the the S train by melodic songs of the Brass Instrumentalist – Benny D.  playing the ‘Hallelujah Song‘ by Leonard Cohen.

As other Street Performers he bellowed out these marvelous cords as if he stood in a Concert Hall,  paralyzing some of the passers-by while others continued indifferently.

We requested a repeat performance, and as if he was addressing Royalty, this man again bellowed from the bottom of his soul- giving us goose-bumps to these glorious notes as I sung softly along not knowing all the words.

The words-  Yes, the words of this grand song that has been altered, re-arranged and re-themed with over 300 versions, gaining popularity in the Disney animation – Shrek

and making it to American Billboard 100 for the first time with the composer’s death when it became the theme song reflecting disappointment from the electoral decision between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – America’s Political Affair which lead to Donald Trump as the victor and SNL celeb Kate McKinnon bellowing the song melancholy, at the end stating ‘I’m not giving up, and neither should you.

Yet, standing there, listening to the Hallelujah Song, the cords escaping this instrumentalist, I felt lifted to the skies, peeling back the hellish interior of the dirty, noisy, jammed station to the open arms of hope, love and Supreme tranquility as the angels sang that Hallelujah … no disappointment that day,  in the subway! Just praise…

Another example of the wonders of this great city.  How beauty can be found in the beastly environment of this place we call home.

Leonard Cohen’s official video for his live performance of Hallelujah.

You know you want to :D