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Your stay at The Bed and Breakfast in Brooklyn

Unique budget-friendly accommodations for a relatively inexpensive cost.

  • During the Great Depression, these tourist homes provided an economic advantage to both the traveler
    and the host as they still do today.

Inspired by many European-style B&Bs (after World War II) middle-class Americans converted their private residences to B&Bs which coincided with an increasing interest in historic preservation.  Many B&Bs in the United States try to create a historical ambiance, with old properties turned into guesthouses decorated with antique furniture.

A bed and breakfast (or B&B) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation in a private residence in “4 or fewer rooms for rent in the innkeeper’s residence in which the innkeeper resides while renting the rooms to lodgers, and serves breakfast at no extra cost to its lodgers”, but usually does not offer other meals.

Upscale Amenities

In the last ten years, B&B and Inn owners have been launching upscale amenities to improve business and move “up-market.”

Since the 1980s, the meaning of the term has also extended to include accommodations that are also known as “self-catering” establishments.

It is not uncommon now to find free wireless Internet access aka wi-fi, free parking, spa services, or nightly wine and cheese hours or chocolate delight at night. Due to the need to stay competitive with the rest of the lodging industry, larger bed and breakfast inns have expanded to offer wedding services, business conference facilities, and meeting spaces as well as many other services a large hotel might offer.

Just be careful your B&B is not haunted! Unless you prefer it to be…..

Check our next article to see who makes the list for Brooklyn ‘Best Innkeeper’ or ‘Best Breakfast’ in the following weeks we will try to bring those to your fingertip.

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