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Where to Eat Cheeses & Organic?


Enjoy any of 12 mac styles here.  The restaurant’s curved shape is reminiscent of a piece of macaroni itself. Everything is in that yellow color including elbow-shaped medium and large plastic containers.

The delicious, creamy, mouthwatering, delight of the food is well worth the 10-15min wait. People coming here in this small but well organized space from all around. Yeah, not just distant corners of five boroughs, neither tri-state but from far to taste and enjoy this magic formula of cheeses and whatever is on the menu or on your mind.

Amazing Mac’n’Cheese!!! – very picky customers will say. We met here tourists from France, Scotland, Netherlands, Australia and Caribbean.

It’s so fresh, so well put together and just mouth-watering. We tried most of combinations and taste is different which is great and make it more awesome.

Warning! – This is not just Mac’n’Cheese. This is true Macbar.



You know you want to :D