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Toys R US

is out of business

The company was founded in 1948 as a baby furniture shop in Northwest Washington, but quickly became a destination for toys of all kinds. In recent years, though, it had fallen into disarray and had $8 billions in debt, and in 2017 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

One year ride on this location showed all reasons why such a big retailer going down.

Small number of attendees on Sunday events was just too sad to watch. It was clear that something deeper is on the table than surfaced problems.

This store never display super those cool toys but was looking more like 99 cents warehouse with branded toys.

It is sad that mega brand like Toys R Us going out of business just like any business that is over.

When they moved from the heart of Times Square this was a sign of devastation. Now it is here.

After all, Toys R Us had annual sales of ~$12 billion when it filed for bankruptcy. It is clear Americans want to buy toys.

You know you want to :D