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Times Square

Formerly named Longacre Square up to 1904, after the New York Times moved its headquarters to the Times Building.

Times Square is a New York City major intersection, entertainment center, and neighborhood in the Midtown Manhattan, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue.

Every square has own icons no one has like on the Times Square, like ‘Naked Cowboy’

ot ‘Naked Cowgirl’

It is tourist destination but also a tourist trap. It is always overcrowded in particular on holidays. New York residents avoiding this mess as they say.

This prime location is a magnet and offers many shops, bars, restaurants and more.

Nowadays these colorful relaxing lounge chairs pop up to enjoy noise, dust and everything that Times Square has to offer. You can experience the city and close your eyes for a moment.

It is possible to catch every single character you can imagine.


It is always busy 24/7 and sometimes you cannot avoid this mess. It is a New York and this is a Times Square.

Times Square

You know you want to :D