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History of the Future

Alex Paterson & Thomas Felhmann

The Orb first North American tour in long time hit NYC over the weekend – November 2nd 2013.

This is also a part of International 25th Anniversary tour as well and it comes with brand new four-disc box set, History of the Future, compiling singles, remixes, live versions and other essential tracks, plus a DVD.

Founding member Dr. Alex Paterson, plus longtime collaborator Thomas Fehlmann (KOMPAKT), are currently on The Orb.

Why is this a thing? – Alex return The Orb to his origin and add Fehlmann signature. Well, you have to introduce Dr. Alex repertoire to your ears. Immediately, you will get vibe that there is no such an artist. It is well worthy to be introduced and travel with their music at any time.

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You know you want to :D