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Should U Shop like Sailors

If you have one week’s supply of groceries in your house, you need to read this and decide whether you should shop like a sailor or find out how to smartly shop for the holidays to keep yourself and family safe during this pandemic.

Will shelves be empty again?

Some retailers are restricting bulk purchasing by placing limits on the number of specific items a customer can buy in a single trip or not allowing them to buy online those hard to find items like hand sanitizers (in known brands), paper products, water and cleaning supplies. So, if your pocket is not deep like mine and you want things when you can buy them, this helps.

What if, the shelves are being replenished, what if they even figure to employ those Japanese robots to restock the shelves? Will you have to wait in long lines, socially distancing to get in and cash out? My last experience of this over four hours horror included a senior lady fainting in the line behind me.

Target and Walmart seem to be replenishing their shelves to meet their customers demands. Should you choose to avoid the long lines,  Target’s options are “in-store pickup or Same Day Delivery”. Walmart also has  “in-store pickup or Next Day Delivery”,  competing with Amazon speedily delivering goods even before two days with their “Two-Day Delivery ( free shipping on items over $35).

BJ’s customers are given many options for shopping.  From ‘Same-Day Delivery’ with Instacart to same-day free pickup where you can order stuff from the comfort of your home and pick it up in store.   If you prefer not to go to the store for dry goods and other items you can have it all shipped (especially for those hard to find items).

Instacart has also added non food retailers like Best Buy, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Target, Staples, The Vitamin Shoppe and Yow Pets.  The concern being though,  will their workers go on strike and deliveries be delayed for days after ordering as previously experienced in phase I of the pandemic? What if, they are forced to go into quarantine ?

Question is, should replenishing your stocks now help you avoid not getting essential items or experience price hijacking even if it is available?

If you are over-shopping or hoarding –   No need! – Just shop like a sailor for enough provisions of dry, fresh, frozen and canned supplies to last three months and keep restocking when your supplies deplete to 50 percent or you see a good deal or SUBSCRIBE to be the first to know about the best deals on essential items as I scope and search for you.

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