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Paris Baguette

Visiting New York City and looking for a cup of coffee + croissant you may think you are entering some French franchise.

I must to let you know you may be wrong.

Paris Baguette is actually South Korean popular bakery café franchise brand launched by Paris Croissant in 1988.

As of 2018, the chain had over 3,316 retail stores in South Korea and 57 stores in the United States. Paris Baguette also launched almost 185 retail stores in China, Vietnam, Singapore and France.

It is very classy and peaceful place to chill or take a rest place. Clean and fresh offerings a bit vary from store to store. Cozy and warm atmosphere never overcrowded with gentle touch of music giving that Parisian feel.

We over time tried almost everything and you can’t be wrong doing the same. If you do not like it I can be sure you will not regret it trying it. It is a excellent choice so different that you must visit. When in New York it is pretty contrast experience.

Visiting Paris Baguette is always pleasure and joy to visit. You can do the same 🙂



You know you want to :D