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Once beautiful, now beyond imaginable

Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall/Chambers Street

The complex is served by trains of the IRT Lexington Avenue Line [opened 1904] and the BMT Nassau Street Line (photos) – [opened 1913]. Serving:

  • 46, and J trains at all times
  • 5 train at all times except late nights
  • 6 train on weekdays in the peak direction
  • Z skip-stop train during rush hours in the peak direction

Exits from this complex are:

  • Tweed Courthouse
  • Pace University
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • City Hall Park
  • Reade and Centre Streets
  • Manhattan Municipal building
  • Foley Square

In some media residents of New York City calling this place “Dungeon of MTA” or “Chambers of Horror”.

Among the station’s anachronisms can be considered this 1960s-era analog clock and still kicking.

Falling plaster is noted on the towering station ceiling. Smell is extraordinary strong on the end of the platforms by human feces and urine. It is noticeable some modern signs and displays plus signal in the center of the closed platform across (featured image).

MTA introducing WiFi on the platforms and crazy enough you can have it here. I wish rather MTA send a crew to clean this station because browsing WiFi or even taking train here is execution of heavy task being requested.

It is strange that MTA did not mention/notice and report status of the station. It is odd that license being issued/renewed to operate under these conditions.

All this may confuse commuters and visitors.

Please do not confuse this complex with picturesque IRT ‘City Hall Station’. It is closed because the station was built with local platforms that have been closed since as early as 1910.


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