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Nostalgia Train


Oh boy, these Holiday Train shows get more and more popular.

Our kid is getting bigger and so is his appreciation in subway and trains, so we had to pay a visit once again.

This time we had to listen him talking about trains vs conductors and MTA employees that holds the doors while we were on this nostalgic ride.

This year we actually and nonintentional went almost every Sunday in order to find a better spot for the complete ride – as always we took some sort of shortcut.

No way, this time it was jam packed from first to the last ride.

This event,  I think overgrew itself in the amount of visitors.

Curious to know what NYTM planning for 2020? – this became a crazy ride – not nostalgia.

I think the train was so packed that braking on the last stop was kind of edgy considering the sound and burnt smell of brake pads.

Ride was so terrible like rush hour on the 6 train at 6:30pm Mon-Fri, Midtown.

Anyway, it was nice to see all ‘actors’ again and catch their smiles.

Thanks to all ‘actors’ Nostalgia Train Lives.

Thank you NYTM and MTA for taking care of this beautiful vintage subway cars to this day.

This has become an overwhelming event and organizers should consider expansion in future.


You know you want to :D