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New York City Marathon


The New York City Marathon is an annual marathon that courses through the five boroughs of New York City.

It is a course of 26.2-mile block party through the world’s most diverse city.

It is the largest marathon in the world, with 53,508 finishers in 2019 and 98,247 applicants for the 2017 race.

The race is part of the World Marathon Majors, an alliance of the world’s six biggest marathons that determines each year’s top male and top female marathoner.

The race is organized by New York Road Runners and has been run every year since 1970.

The Marathon is a model for big-city marathons around the world.

As the most popular and inclusive marathon in the world, the event attracts the world’s top professional athletes and a vast range of recreational runners.

It’s also one of the most difficult courses of the Major Marathons.

With deceptively hilly bridges, a tough finish through Central Park, and screaming crowds that can make your adrenaline surge at the most inopportune times, the course can bring even the most elite runners to their knees.

Although the NYC Marathon is a challenging course, it’s one that will draw your strength out through the spirit of the crowded onlookers.

There’s a reason that this marathon is one of the greatest in the world, with the sweeping views of the skyline, the contagious energy of the crowds, and the epic finish in Central Park.

New York City Marathon

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