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Native Fashion Show

You may or may not be fashion geek but you will agree on this that ‘Native Fashion Show’ is something well worthy to experience.

It is such a great opportunity to see crafted pieces that carry such a deep roots.

Some pieces are more than work of art. In some way reminds me on Picasso work.

Featuring contemporary garments, accessories, and footwear spanning a variety of genres and materials, this exhibition features designers who traverse cross-cultural boundaries between creative expression and cultural borrowing.

From one of Patricia Michaels’ (Taos Pueblo) finale ensembles from the reality television series Project Runway to Jamie Okuma’s (Luiseño/Shoshone-Bannock) dramatically beaded Christian Louboutin boots, and innovative works made from Mylar, vinyl, and stainless steel, Native Fashion Now underscores Native concepts of dress and beauty, which are inextricably bound to identity and tradition in a rapidly changing world.

You know you want to :D