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LEGOLAND Coming to NY!

Lego Live @ Pier 36

Did you miss LEGO LIVE?

For kids of all ages that was a blast of fun (for five full hours) mixed in with education as you build, build, build ! -Over the last three days from Feb 16-18.

If you were a VIP ticket holder, you would even get to take away some goodies!

Check them out!

Yet the best news of all was that LEGO LAND will be coming to Orange County, New York in 2020!

For children ages 2-12, 50 rides, shows and attractions to choose from!  You can even stay at LEGO LAND hotel with 250 themed rooms and corridors of your favorite characters.

Architecture station featured tallest building of New York City. Lego Live was very busy at the snack bar for those exhausted in challenges.

If you are a LEGO fan and can’t wait till then you can visit the LEGO Discovery Centers in Philadelphia or Westchester, New York.

New York City Lego Live @ Pier 36 had many challenges and if you could not engage all of them in just one day you could revisit the next day as the event spread from Friday through Sunday.

Besides a large setup reserved for shopping Lego sets there were quite a few stations to build.

Some Building stations had printed mats with various themes to accommodate the imaginations of young brilliant minds – those little engineers striking into the future.

Parents, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles could not follow up on the speed and excitement of children.

Lego Live displayed some of the art created by visitors to inspire and create visual recollection and experience.

Close to the end of the day @ Lego Live they concluded with a super funny competition. One of the official Lego Master Builders in charge guided kids to create bridges – competing to see whose build could withstand a weight of 2 Lbs of exercising weights’. So, the children found partners for themselves and grouped into 6 groups. With a blow of the siren they began. After 10 minutes  passed the Lego Master Builder called each group to present their build. After an exciting hour watching one build after the other crash to delight of the children, we had a winner that withstood the pressure of not 2ibs but more and more until it finally crashed as well. Lego bricks proved once again that if you use them smartly you can build anything you want.

Before you go don’t forget to collect Free entry tickets (limit of five per family) for all your kids when you watch.

Lego Live’ video and subscribe on our YouTube channel.

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