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LEGO Store

@ Flatiron District

The Flatiron store is one-of-a-kind experience. It is true New York LEGO store.

I wish this concept has more space to lay down it’s thoughtfulness. It is not meant just for shopping.

On the entrance is a spot with often changing featured build. Sometimes more than one if is part of the theme.

Nearby is 20 foot tall LEGO model of the Statue of Liberty, constructed by LEGO Master Builders in nearby Madison Square Park. Everyone were invited to help and all participants received a “Certificate of Achievement” for taking part.

When finished build was displayed in the park for several days. This is the way.

Great reflection to historical facts that real Statue of Liberty’s Arm Lived in nearby Madison Square Park for six years. All this you can find out if you didn’t know in LEGO store as well.

The front windows along 23rd street featured LEGO mural with multiple New York scenes.

Every month kids kids ages 6 to 14 on the first Tuesday organize Mini Model Builds during which children can make a seasonally-themed model and take it home. It is Free.

If you think this is unique here this.

The store include the first-ever LEGO Lounge. It hosted large LEGO build replica of Madison Square Garden Park. Each corner accommodate 15 foot themed character. Center stage is a table with a bin in the middle inviting all LEGO enthusiasts to socialize, build and share. You can test these new pieces that come to the store often to refresh your skills or just have fun before buying. Your builds will be displayed on the shelf with your name if you will.

Atmosphere in the store is calm and less hectic than in tourist magnet attraction by Rockefeller Center.

If you are LEGO family or you just have little master builder this is true paradise.


You know you want to :D