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Judith Sheindlin

Judith Susan Sheindlin better known as Judge Judy, is an American lawyer, judge, television personality, and author. Since 1996, Sheindlin has presided over her own successful Daytime Emmy Award winning reality courtroom series named after her, Judge Judy.

In February 1993, Sheindlin’s outspoken reputation made her the subject of a Los Angeles Times article, profiling her as a woman determined to make the court system work for the common good. She subsequently was featured in a segment on CBS’s 60 Minutes, bringing her national recognition. This led to her first book, Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining, published in 1996.

During the 2009–10 television season, Judge Judy became the first TV series in nearly a decade to attract more daytime viewers than The Oprah Winfrey Show.

It was reported in mid-2012 that Sheindlin was the highest paid television personality, making $123,000 per episode of Judge Judy, or $45 million annually for the 52 days per year that she tapes her show. In October 2013 it was reported that Sheindlin was still the highest paid TV star, earning $47 million per year for Judge Judy, which translates into just over $900,000 per workday.

A 2013 Reader’s Digest poll supported Koerner’s statements, revealing that Americans trusted Judge Judy more than all 9 justices of the United States Supreme Court.

Sheindlin launched an advice-sharing website,”,” in May 2012. According to Sheindlin, the goal of the new website is to share her personal ideas and outlooks on life, have a forum to discuss a variety of different issues, and have a little fun.

Sheindlin is a supporter of same-sex marriage and, although she has said that she is not a supporter of “big government”, she prefers not to labelled by political terms, such as “libertarian” or “conservative” and states as such that she is not registered under any political party.

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