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Hot or Not?

Spicey Food Fan?


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You know sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking or tasting your own hand at the pot?

Well, last week I was feeling that way when I stopped off at Angel’s Flake Patties at corner of Norstrand between Flatbush and Glenwood.

  • Really started off on the pastries as they are known for their Jamaican beef patty but ended up on the curry goat, rice and vegetables.
  • As I spooned one mix of rice and goat I felt the burning on my tongue… started sipping my beverage and commented ‘this thing real hot! boy’… but continued spoon after spoon until my plate was clean. You know something,  I am not really one to choose spicey foods fans but it tasted so good, and spicey!
  • Now listen to this.  After asking around and doing some research I found out that Spicey foods are really good for you, for seven (7)  reasons. Now talk about ‘holy’.


So, I decided to do my own research on this and have agreed to take a journey down Flatbush Avenue to all the places that sell Spicey Foods.

Come along with me if you can take the heat!

Just in case I cannot take the heat some people recommended sugar or eating an absorbent food like bread or rice rather than drinking liquids.

So, I will take these along with me.

Follow me on my journey to discover the spiciest Caribbean Foods in Flatbush…


My eyes will be popping out!


Watch What Dr Oz has to say about Spicey foods


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