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Hoodie on Tour

When you listen to most of the lyrics of Steven Markowitz, AKA Hoodie Allen you would honestly believe that he is a Brooklynite. This independent  American hip-hop artist, singer, and rapper from Plainview, New York, U.S.  ‘Make it Home’ Single just made it on the iTunes charts as #10!  “Highest I’ve ever had a single song up there…”  he said on his facebook page.

Yet, I personally find the lyrics of  his song ‘ No Faith In Brooklyn’ as catchy as his nickname Hoodie.  It really does stick on your mind and bring you home to the  Brooklyn experience.

His,  is not a sudden leap to success but a gradual climb of hard work and perspiration. While working at Google, his off-work hours were spent writing songs, answering fan emails, and scheduling concerts until 2 or 3 AM.

Tonight his LIVE performance is at Oregon State University

Congrats HOODIE!

You know you want to :D