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Free Summer Concerts for kids

Blast of fun in the Summer’s Sun today at Sunset Park with DIRTY SOCK FUNTIME BAND.

The unusual chilly breeze from low summer temperatures and the sea breezes did not dampen the little ones who were jumping, screaming and dancing to their delight. Even some parents joined in to the catchy cords of rocking lyrics stepping to the music.

Following the concert,  the fun continued for the kids on the swings and slides and climbing bars. Some even dared to jump in the splashing water from “sculpture of the Sun”.

After missing Janice Buckner concert yesterday at Underwood Park fearing that my son would catch the flue or that we would be trapped in some terrible mess of traffic, I decided that it was to perfect a day to miss another one.

There are so many concerts for kids in Brooklyn and surrounding. It brings such joy to the kids to jump, laugh, express themselves and have no one stopping them.

For the parents it is an opportunity to view for free, a literal audition of possible entertainers for your next birthday party, or special event. At most of the concerts there are free give a ways, CDs on sale and a chance to exchange contacts with the entertainers.

In the near future, we hope to even provide you with discounts to booking each performer.

DIRTY SOCK FUNTIME BAND are beloved by millions of families for their high-energy music videos on the Nick JR channel and TV program Jack’s Big Music Show. DSFB are heavily featured band on Noggin TV with four videos running on the popular kids’ music show. If you missed this event do not miss next with DIRTY SOCK FUNTIME BAND -> you’ll love it.

You know you want to :D