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Coney Island


The original Native American inhabitants of the region, the Lenape, called this area Narrioch.

This name has been attributed the meaning of “land without shadows” or “always in light”.

Coney Island is a residential Brooklyn neighborhood that morphs into a relaxation and entertainment.

Boardwalk is a long stretch along the shore in between the ocean and Luna Park.

The Wonder Wheel, The Cyclone, Thunderbolt featuring the fame of Coney Island as entertainment destination.

Street performers and the Circus Sideshow are always an exotic special offered here.

Mermaid Parade in June lend an eccentric vibe visited even by New York City mayor.

World famous hot-dog eating contest for July 4th is unique and traditional event held by Nathan’s.

New York Aquarium is here since 1957.

Coney Island is 443 acres of land and ethnically diverse neighborhood.

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