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Crazy as it sounds but fresh food, fast service and friendly staff will intrigue you at first. Eating at Chick’nCone® is a worthy experience. Located at Turnstyle Underground Market @ 59th street, Manhattan. But this is not only location check their website (link on the bottom).

Fried chicken is always favorite and the concept of chicken in a cone is really interesting. Handheld chicken is offered in 6 different style according to your preference of BBQ souse, maple syrup, African chili or hint of blue cheese. It group in Spicy, Mild and Sweet. There is also Cajun Fries to compliment a cone. Go for it. You cannot

Food is interesting and memorable but spicy. You’ll need a drink after. The chicken pieces in the cone were so moist and juicy!

It is a Hot Menu.




You know you want to :D