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Why Stay in Brooklyn and not Manhattan?

If you are coming to Brooklyn and looking for a place to stay there is a maze of possibilities in a range of prices. There are numerous unique alternatives to Hotel stay which you might consider. Not just because they are cheaper but because they are more interesting and opens up possibilities that staying in Manhattan will not give you.

Brooklyn is Cheap(er)?

Well Brooklyn is quickly becoming an equal rival for Manhattan in terms of Long Term Rentals as restructuring of certain areas such as Williamsburg has cost per square footage rising.

However, could you rent an entire three/four bedroom house for the same price as one bedroom in a Manhattan Hotel – with a full kitchen?

Even the ‘bed bug’ epidemic did not decrease those prices.

And let’s say you did get a great deal to stay in Manhattan,  just the cost of moving around, eating and paying tips etc… would bring your bill above any stay in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn – Place to taste cultural delicacies

The Food Culture in Brooklyn has always been something to experience.  With the diverse mixture of the populace comes the diversity of culinary dishes to choose from. With ‘hand-made’ or ‘from scratch’ foods returning it is even tastier!

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Brooklyn offers great skyline views

In places like Dumbo, an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, you can experience great views of not only Brooklyn skyline but Manhattan as well. skyline

Places near the Brooklyn Bridge like the Marriott Hotel ,for example also give you skyline views of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn – A great place to shop for deals 

Brooklyn’s Fifth Avenue shopping district just to name one.  In upcoming articles will review each district and all the best shopping areas.

In general, the best bets are Carroll Gardens / Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, Park Slope, Prospect Heights and Williamsburg.

Along Flatbush Ave, and there are some exotics such as Coney Island and Bay Ridge including wonderful nuggets such as Irish stores and immigrant-run food shops along Ocean Avenue.

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Night Life Entertainment and Parties Galore

With the new Barclay’s Center there is a concert every weekend, warehouse parties for adults and cultural clubs open to all. Brooklyn is a great place to meet and socialize for singles and groups.

But please do not forget fantastic and BK traditional Brooklyn Bowl which host long list of artists and entertainments. There is others on the list of nightlife or BK lifestyle such as Knitting Factor Brooklyn or seasonal concerts and events…

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Activities for all ages

Brooklyn offers and welcome everyone with a bunch of things such as day time parties, free concerts, sight seeing – via boat, air and bus tours. BK have more relaxed atmosphere which applies to everything. There is also very special B&B and ‘Inns’ if you plan to visit BK. Stay tuned and keep checking our columns Where to…

So, enjoy the action of Manhattan but relax peacefully in Brooklyn; shop, stay much cheaper than Manhattan.

You know you want to :D