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Where 2 Now ORG

Rebuild your business/brand for 2021. Start by telling your story with the marketing tool of the future – videos.

Video for business is a must-have for thriving companies. Get yours growing with stunning business videos that are Cinematic Ultra High Definition 4K when you join other business owners like yourself – reestablishing a new normal.

Our creation of “Where 2 Now” in the New York City videos are packaged and priced to re-introduce your brand to loyal customers and showcase it to new.

What our package include?

Your company will be part of our online articles or blog posts matching our concepts as part of various programs such as:

“Help Local Business”

“Give Back to Community”

“Support Your Favorite Business”

“Present Your Business At New Normal”

  • Corporate video format about where to stay/eat in your accommodations/establishment
  • Information on where to go, shop and eat around you
  • Historical facts relevant to or near your accommodations/establishment
  • Hyperlink to your website or Social Media advertising, such as Facebook Ads, Instagram stories or YouTube.
  • Your page will included up to 5 photos and also will be attached to a video about your company.

Additional services:

  • advertising
  • marketing/promotion


Advertising start at $1000 minimum.

You can add more without limit.

We suggest 30 days minimum to be effective.

Add as much $$ + days as you wish.

Options are:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Search Ads +  YouTube Ads.

We will tailor your Ad Campaign while Ad is active for you. It is possible to have more than one Ad / Campaign.

Please note our service is Free for this segment and remains as such only when you purchase one of the packages.

If you’d like to discuss further details on advertising please do not hesitate to contact us.

Marketing / Promotion

This involves ‘Advertising’ + ‘Promotion’. We will promote you on social media. Service starts with $1000 minimum. You can add more without limit. This is monthly payment to promote your ad/page/article.



All packages are tailored to make your brand stand out. Your corporate video follows major market demands to suit eye pleasing performance with beautiful color graded edits. Article will tell story about your company. These packages are designed to ensure your company’s fresh appearance to drive more traffic to your business.

What you will received?

  1. Digital products at your digital address / storage
  2. Free Commercial Rights + Free Broadcast Rights
  3. We will posted Article, Photos and Video in our media

Typically you are purchasing only one out of three (3) pieces of this offer. We offer 3 in 1.


Help them find you easier / Stand out in the crowd of businesses on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram with

  • Interesting
  • Exciting
  • Mobile Friendly
  • To embed in your landing page or use on your Social Media platforms
  • Educate new audience and keep your old audience returning again and again
  • Communicate your brand better
  • Higher SEO search with YouTube Ads
  • High video production quality

What you get is more than you will acquire normally when shopping for press releases and corporate shoot (photos & videos)!? – We tailored this special deal that you can achieve both while paying once and you can focus on marketing/promotion and advertising.

While published material with us (in our media) stays and acts as press release you gain Free advertising which we normally do to promote ourselves. So, you can do the same if you wish on your end and use this material as additional material or press release.

Remember packages differ only in length of the video! – do not forget also, that you will get in hand (digital delivery) corporate video and photos to handle your own campaign together with Free Commercial Rights + Free Broadcast Rights.


Boost your business. Join other successful business just like yours who are helping to restore a new normal.

It is true unbeatable win-win offer. We are living in New York City. While everything stopped we designed “Where 2 Now” to help newyorkers to be strong and support each other.


You know you want to :D