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What’s Open and What’s Closed?

On federal holidays, all federal government offices are closed, such as the US Post Office, passport and visa offices. In Brooklyn, all post offices are closed, as are all Social Security Administration offices, the courts in downtown Brooklyn, IRS and other government offices.

Depending on the holiday, it may also be observed by many Brooklyn workers and residents who are employed in the public sector at the local, city or state level. Depending on the holiday, all banks and some businesses will also be closed.

Veterans Day

Monday, the 11th of November

The following schedule will be in effect:

Closed: Schools, banks, courthouses and federal, state, county and city offices. Exceptions are Culver City and Lawndale city halls, which will remain open.

Open: Most commercial businesses, U.S. financial markets and retail outlets.

Mail: No residential or business delivery.

Columbus Day – (Indigenous People’s Day)

October 14th, in the USA

As one of the ten federal holidays held in USA; public schools, banks and post offices are closed and most likely all government run organizations since the ‘Government Shutdown’ is still in effect.

  1. Post offices and other government buildings are closed.
  2. City offices are closed.
  3. Public schools are closed.
  4. Public Libraries are closed.
  5. There are no garbage and recycling collections or street cleaning.
  6. Alternate Side Parking rules are suspended; all other parking regulations, including parking meters, remain in effect.
  7. Transportation Services –  Some Interstate buses and train services experience irregular service.  Check before traveling
  8. Government Shutdown continues…


Upcoming events


Thanksgiving Day

November 28th, in the USA


Christmas 2013

December 25th, in the World


President’s Day

Monday, February 17th

Three-day weekend starting Saturday runs February 15-17

President’s Day is a federal holiday and so federal offices and post offices are closed.


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