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Parent’s Day in Brooklyn

Parent’s Day is held on the fourth Sunday of every July since its establishment by President Bill Clinton in 1994

What are Brooklyn Parents doing for Parent’s Day?

Well, thirteen days ago a couple wheeled their baby to brunch in a crib.  Yes, you heard me, in a crib. Maybe you could try this to?

But seriously, Parent’s Day is everyday. As parents we all want the best for our child and are always looking for ways to entertain and train them.

What can Brooklyn Parents do for  this weekend to engaged their children  in active learning activities to strengthen that ‘core’ family relationship which is the catalyst to a successful community and the proper growth and development of your child?

The pros say Parents’ Day … requires investment, focus, and commitment

It so happens that the City gives you no excuse to be an irresponsible parent. Especially since I am doing the hard work for you of investing time and focusing on where it is all happening! All you have to do is commit to these endless activities for kids and places for the family to have fun together. Start your weekend off with these and keep posted via our facebook account for continuous and current updates by just clicking ‘LIKE’ now!

Animal Haven’s Caring Kids Program

Friday from 4:00pm-5:00pm

Introduces children and teens to basic animal care and informs them about existing issues in animal welfare. This school year, we are very excited to be partnering with Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers’ (HEART) to enhance the program and offer exciting new activities and topics, ranging from farm animals to wildlife. Caring Kids nourishes the bond between humans and animals and encourages young people to become animal advocates in their community.

The program meets every Friday from 4:00pm-5:00pm. It is mainly geared towards the 5-13 age range, but any participant between the ages of 4 and 18 is welcome.


This Friday and every Friday

FAMILY DAY sponsored by DISNEY

Sat Jul 27 5:00pm  at  Damrosch Park Bandshell

KRONOS AT 40 OzoKidz (New York debut)

Dan Zanes & Friends: Tribute to Lead Belly

Ozomatli’s family-friendly, high-energy, border-crossing off-shoot. The kids music superstar Zanes pays tribute to the folk-blues icon.

Arty Hours at the High Line

EVERY SATURDAY:10:00am to 12:00pm

Bike NY: Learn to Ride – Kids

]Sunday,July 28, 2013 10am-12pm (Weekly on Sunday Pier 5)

Shipwreck! at Discovery Times Square (TIMES SQUARE)

Slide SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure will capture your imagination and take you on an incredible journey through thousands of years of maritime history. Experience hurricane-force winds, pick up treasure with a robotic arm, and explore the mysteries of the deep. This exhibit features over 500 authentic artifacts, including gold and silver treasures, as well as the incredible science and technology used to work thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface.

Details: 226 West 44th Street, NYC. Ages 5 and up. Cost: $20.50/adults; $15.50/children 4 to 12 years.Contact: 866.987.9692. Visit the website for more information.
Hip Tot Family Day and enjoy a performance by Mils Trills

Wow your kids at Cirque de Soleil: Quidam


Free Parent’s Greeting Cards

Parent’s Day 

National Parent’s Day Celebrating Parent Power

Parental Involvement is Formula For Success in Brooklyn Schools

Park Slope Parents Vow to Change Brooklyn

You know you want to :D